The Boudoir


“to shine your brightest light is to be who you truly are.”

the process

To ensure the ultimate experience, hair and makeup is included with your session fee! My goal is to create the look of your dreams.

hair & makeup

A lot of laughter goes on as you might feel silly in the poses I put you in, but I promise your photos will turn out more beautiful than you can imagine! 

your shoot


final product

I'm absolutely in love with the turn out of my photos! I've done a couple before, but never have I felt so comfortable to be in front of the camera around someone I just met. She put on my makeup, did my hair, made me look like a queen. I felt so pretty! Helping me pick my outfits made me really excited because I could tell she had an eye for details and ideas. As the shoot began I felt myself opening up more and more for the simple fact she made me feel sexy! The positions/poses she had me do were creative. Nothing I would have ever thought. You can definitely tell the passion she has for her job! I would recommend her to anyone for any kind of photography! I loved working with her and will most definitely be doing it again! ❤

"never have I felt so comfortable to be in front of the camera around someone I just met."

I just want to tell all those ladies out there that have ever considered doing this, YOU NEED TO DO THIS! I wouldn’t even dream of doing it with anyone other than Kiralee Jones. She made me feel like a model (that I’m not) and so comfortable. My hubby even mentioned I should do it again one day. You are beautiful and perfect, the “perfect” body will never come if you’re like me. You are perfect in your partners eyes and the worlds eyes so do it!

"she made me feel like a model"

Kiralee is an incredible person and extremely talented at what she does. She has an amazing personality and is so easy and comfortable to work with. There’s no warming up with her, she already makes you feel like the most important beautiful person immediately. I have done several shoots with her from family, to wedding, to boudoir. She rocks every type of shoot! I can not recommend any other photographer more! She is worth every penny! If you are not booking with Kiralee, you are missing out!

"you feel beautiful immedately"

Kiralee did an amazing job! I was nervous at first about getting them done. She is very easy to work with and talk about ideas with. We had so much fun during the session and she makes it very laid back and easy to take pictures with.

The pictures turned out amazing! It was a huge confident booster too! I can't wait to do another one! Kiralee is hands down the best!

"We had so much fun"

I've never felt more comfortable half naked in front of someone than Kiralee absolutely no judgments and makes you feel so beautiful!! Highly recommend!!

"no judgments"

Kiralee is amazing! I definitely recommend her! She’s fun and she makes you feel comfortable in your own skin! I’ve done 2 different shoots with her and both times have had a fun experience!

"Kiralee is Amazing!"

Every woman should experience something like this at the very least once in their life! And if you're fortunate enough you should experience this with Kiralee! Shes an absolute professional and class act! As a women with a extra curves and self proclaimed flaws, I never once felt insecure or judged when I had my boudoir shoot done. she takes the time to pose you in flattering ways. She was empathetic to the areas of my body I did not want the focus on. The experience itself was just as exciting and enjoyable as seeing how gorgeous the final photos were. Getting to share these photos with a significant other is only a small bonus to why every woman should do this. And if you dont have anyone to share them with then that's completely okay also because there is no better person to celebrate and love you than yourself!
I've always believed that practicing self love is vital to not only surviving this life but actually thriving within it. To have these photos to look back on when you may not being feeling love for yourself is truly priceless. Reach out to Kiralee, you absolutely wont regret it and you absolutely deserve it!🖤

"Every woman should experience something like this"

I was super nervous about doing a shoot. Within the first 5 minutes Kiralee made me feel comfortable. I left with a confidence I hadn't felt in a long time. Do it for yourself, you wont regret it!

"I left with confidence"



The session fee is due at the time of booking, and there is a minimum order of $300.

I do offer digital files, but also believe that creating prints and products for my clients is an essential part of the process.

I have an A La Carte Menu as well as Collections (Collections offer a significant value) of the most popular items.

My clients typically spend between $1500-$2500

the boudoir experience begins at




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