6 years ago, just after Christmas, my husband and I were up late one night talking about what our life used to look like, before Amelia was born.  It felt like a lifetime ago! I once gave him boudoir photos as a gift, and of course, those came up in conversation, so we pulled out the album. 

As we looked through them, I teased about how I should start shooting boudoir since I was such an amazing model... (join my Facebook group if you guys want to peek at these awesome photos!) we changed the subject and didn't talk much more about it that night but a couple of days later, he brought it up again! 

He said, "Kiralee, I really think you could be awesome at this"  (my husband has always been my biggest supporter)  So I looked at it again!  And, after looking through the images that he found from a simple search online, I fell in love with this form of photography.  I felt a sense of empowerment and I wanted to give that feeling to other women.  So, that January, we hosted our very first Boudoir Party and the rest is history!  It has been an absolute honor to give this experience to so many women.  

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What was your favorite detail from your wedding day?

"All of my bridesmaid wore these black and white wide brimmed hats. it was classic."

if you could eat one thing every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

"Tacos! actually any mexican food, really!"

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

"we have always dreamed of owning a wedding venue."

what is your favorite place you have ever travled?

"i have to say hawaii because it was unbelievably gorgeous but honestly, our favorite vacations have been when we haven't even left montana and we stay in our camper!"

if you could spend an entire day with netflix, what would you watch?

" the office."





New York City


Jackson Hole







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